Friday, March 23, 2012

1. A mother of cheecky, chubby, pretty,clever and active little girl of  Nur Iman A'risya.

Enjoying her 1st time at beach..

2.A wife to a loving, caring, supportive, responsible and the list goes..Ahmad Ariffin Baharin. We have been together for nearly 9yrs ++ and married for 2yrs ++ and still counting..I hope we'll be together until death do us apart and we'll meet again in heaven for good.Mudah-mudahan...Amin.

We are having PJJ (perkahwinan jarak jauh..hehe) since married because he's working out of kl. But he will come back every weekend to spend our precious time together.

Actually PJJ is not that bad sebab bila dah 5 hari x jumpa tu, rindu dah kumpul2 so bila jumpa, we'll  appreciate every single second that we have more..so kalau ada salah kecik2 tu tutup mata je..xnak buang masa gaduh benda yang remeh temeh..and we will plan our time wisely so every weekend will be memorable one and we'll thinking and talking about it through out the week dan x sabar2 nak jumpa for the next weekend.hehe..

A Man who always strike his best in making sure he provides all the needs to his mini family..hihi syg awak ;))

3. A daugther to a very loving and supportive parent. They are no more working. My mom helps me to look after Iman. huhu..nasib baikla ada mak tolong jaga , kalau tak , xtau la mana nak letak Iman especially when I have class after work and only reach home by 10pm twice a week.

They are the reason whom and where am I today. I could never thank them enough for bringing me to this world and showered me with love. Every single day I pray for their good health and long life..and I want to see their smile as long as I can.

Unreplacable..Love Love Love

4. I am EP mom. (Exclusive pumping). Iman never consume formula milk except few times when I was managing my pain after delivering her in hospital. After that she  consumes 100% breastmilk until 6 months. After 6 months she started her solid food + breastmilk as her source of food.

She used to direct feed with me until she was 5 months old. she was having a fever and flu that time and having difficulity in breathing while sucking. So I bottle fed her for a few days and after that she refused to direct feed with me..huhu..I felt sad. tried to pujuk2 her to df but she just refused. So I gave up.It's ok..as long as she's having the best milk in the world and stay healthy, I am happy too. 

I hope I can continue to provide her milk as long as I can. Ultimate gol is 2 years as recommended in Quran. Tapi xnak la pressure sangat nak kejar target,selagi ada susu, bagila..kalau dah x cukup xkan nak biar anak berlapar kan..so far setakat ni Alhamdulilah susu sentiasa cukup for her.A box of S26 that we bought when I was discharged from hosp dulu pon still remain untouched.

5.  I love cooking.especially when my hubby around simply because he loves to eat and will appreciate every meal that I cook. hehe..xsedap pon cakap sedap, sedap lagi la sepuluh kali puji.

And now, I  cook for Iman's breakfast, lunch and dinner every day before I left to work. setakat ni Iman is only eating homemade food. No nestum and other instant food. It is good because it's mean no addtional sugar, salt and preservative which is not good for baby's under 1 year old age . From what I read, their kidney is not ready yet to process all that kind of thing. harap2 saya akan terus diberi kesihatan, kesempatan dan kelapangan to continue to provide the best for my family.

So far Iman  eat brownrice porridge with one protein source (ayam/ikan/daging) a day and veges. dah try oat tapi Iman tak suka sangat..maybe kena try again some other time. lain2 wholemeal grain / pasta  belum cuba. Dairy produk yang dah cuba just telur..nampaknya Iman ok, x ada alergy..so maybe boleh start bagi cheese, yogurt etc..seronok tengok Iman mamam. she has big appetite like her daddy..Pantangg nampak orang makan mesti datang dekat mengendeng2..

Iman yang suka makan...sempat bagi senyuman menawan lagi tu..hehe

6. Working as environmental consultant at small consultancy firm in Subang Jaya.

7. I am part time student.huhu. Doing my Msc in Uitm Shah Alam in semester 4. Harap2 semester depan boleh habisla. Patutnya 4 sem je. Tapi disebabkan taknak kehilangan lebih masa bersama Iman, so I am taking very minimum subjek every semester. 2 subjek je instead of 3/4 yang sepatutnya.. so I have class 2 times a week after work. tu pon selalu ponteng..huahuahh

Same as all working mom out there, leaving the child to work is not easy, every day I feel guilty because cannot spend much time with her but what I do is I will spend whatever limited time I have with quality and impactful one. Every morning before leave to work, i will  feed her breakfast, milk and then bath her and play with her for a while before I leave to office. after work, I'll bring her a short walk or play with her until she sleep at about 11 @ 12 pm. Huhu yes, she sleep late and wake early every day.But of course she will have longer nap one/twice during day time .(which is good because I can maximize my time with her morning and night time.)

In short I am just hamba Allah yang kerdil yang diberi nikmat sementara didunia untuk menikmati hidup bersama insan2 kesayangan.Setiap masa sentisa mencuba untuk memperbaiki diri untuk menjadi muslimah yang lebih baik yang menyayangi Allah, pencipta yang Agung melebihi yang lain2 kerana sesungguhnya setiap apa yang dimiliki di dunia ni hatta jasad ini pon hanyalah pinjaman semata2..apatah lagi kasih sayang, keluarga harta dan lain2..hanyalah sementara sahaja..

Sebab itu jugaklah setiap apa yang dilakukan baik beribadat, bekerja mahukan melayan anak, suami, ahli keluarga kenalah sebaik mungkin.manalah tahu ajal/jodoh x panjang..sekurang kurangnya kita dah memberi yang terbaik sewaktu diberi kesempatan..

My family - this is before iman's arrival. She's there inside my tummy..hehe ( 2months kot masa ni)

In law's

Till then..Xoxo


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