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Wednesday, March 14, 2012



This blog is dedicated to my one and only princess, NUR IMAN A'RISYA binti AHMAD ARIFFIN. (atleast for the time being, nanti kalau ada adik, mama tambah dedikasi, iman jangan marah ye)

Jadi for the first entry, mama nak share pictures and a little bit story of Iman's smooth delivery day.

I conceived her after 1year 4 months of marriage. So she is a loong awaited gift I received on the 25 June 2011. She was born at prince court medical centre at 1.39pm through planned c-section due to my small pelvic bone issue. (CPD-->crown pelvic disproportion).

Since I knew that I am through c-section, we chose the date on Monday, 27/6/2011. we booked the ward, OT, filled in forms etc..

But as we always say, ajal, maut begitu juga kelahiran semuanya dah on the Saturday morning, I spotted the bloody show came with very mild contraction. Called the hosp and the nurse asked me to come and checked. Sempatla pegi sarapan nasik lemak + telur separuh masak before went to PCMC to check. Reached hospital around 11.30 am. From the check up, the contractions was building up and I was already 3 cm dilated. Doc came and decided to bring out the baby immediately before I got the heavier pain.

Then, the epidural set in and 1.39pm, lahirlah seorang budak kecil yang comel dan halus..seberat 2.57kg and we named her NUR IMAN A"RISYA. Hehe masa operation ofcourse la x sakit langsung sbb dah kena epidural kan. Hubby pon ade teman , siap borak2 masa procedure. sibuk tanya baby dah keluar belum sbb tak nampak since nurse letak curtain atas perut. Lepas pukul 6pm ++ kesan epidural dah abis barula rasa sakit sikit2 tapi still manageble sbb doc bg pain killer..hehe..

Overall, was smooth delivery. In fact,I don't have many problems carrying her for 39 weeks. No serious morning sickness, backpain etc..She is being very good girl since she was inside my tummy ;)
Daddy to be - while waiting for the op

Few hours after delivery- mulut carik nenen dah tu

Jatuh cinta pandang pertama

Proud parent (gemuknya time ni)

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